Fm Night Tournament was born from the idea of 5 boys around Italy who share a passion for Football Manager and who almost every night find themselves playing online, often until late at night. Hence the name of the steam and whatsapp group "FM night".

Each of them has their own way of coaching and their approach to building the team. There are those who focus everything on the search for regens and those who take their pupils in every career.

With the release of FM20 a couple of them (Daniele and Paolo) decide to widen the circle and create a real long-lasting tournament that starts in December and ends in June. In this competition there is a ranking points studied tailored with bonus / malus depending on the team trained and the trophies won. At the end of the tournament the first in the standings wins FM 2021 (with the key that will be sent to him as soon as the game goes on sale on the web).


Daniele Latino, founder 

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Paolo Fratini, co-founder

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