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  • “FM NIGHT” is a tournament but first of all a game exclusively made to have fun and hangout with friends.  So it is strictly forbidden to insult anyone.  After the first warning, if the player makes the same mistake, he is banned from there on out (i.e. all tiers of the tournament).
  • If a rule is not listed here it is not an excuse to misbehave, so we ask everyone to wield common sense at all times.
  • The tournament is free and in order to take part, simply send a message on Steam to Asik85 or register on this website to do so.
  • Any player taking part will be asked to provide us with their Steam username and mobile number or email to be notified of any news as soon as possible (eg whether or not they are playing on the bonus day).  Therefore we also recommend that everyone to joins our WhatsApp group (at least in that of communications and results only).
  • Anyone wishing to take part in a tournament that has already started will have to wait until the end of the current season and will get a starting score which is the same score as the (active) player who currently is in the standings.
  • Prizes to be won for the winner of the general classification: FM2022 CD-Key
  • The following days will be played: MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY.  SUNDAY is a bonus day and is only played if 75% of the participants are present.  You can think about adding / taking away days of the week in due time with the approval of the majority.
  • GAME TIME: 21:00 - 00:00.  Throughout the transfer window, the game will be played until 00:30.
  • The career made will last until May 2021 for a length of 5 months.
  • You play with at least one host and 3 coaches (4 in total), otherwise you cancel the evening and make up for it the next bonus day (without the 75% attendance rule).
  • If a coach comes late and enters a game that has already begun, go on anyway, without restarting the save file.
  • The hosts of this "server" are Daniele (Asik85) and Paolo (Sloshyarcher) and we will try to give you the upmost fulfillment and openness possible so that it is a fun and thrilling tournament.
  • In the event that the 2 hosts cannot be online, a third temporary host will be appointed to ensure that the game does not stop.
  • To ensure smooth progress, press conferences will be automatically assigned to the deputy and the newsletter regarding the other coaches will be disabled.  Furthermore, the friendlies will not be playable.
  • The fitting of chosen and tactical lists will be toggled.  However, "any" kind of tactics are allowed.
  • The speed of the matches will be set with key actions and the speed of the higher actions MEDIUM/HIGH.
  • A coach who sees himself inactive for more than 3 minutes is put on leave (even during the match), in order to ensure proper flow of the game and respect for others.
  • Each game will last no more than 12 minutes, after this time you are automatically benched.
  • To ensure smooth progress, the playing time will be set to 1 minute in the key phase of the market (except for 1 July where we will give a little more time).  The rest of the season the timer will be left at 30 seconds.  On request, in certain timeframes it is possible to grant more time, upon notice of the manager (for example during registrations).
  • IMPORTANT: the automatic continuation will be activated between one match and another. This allows us to advance between one match played and the next in a fast and automatically way without clicking on continue and without losing key decisions as would happen during the holidays. During the market phase this option is disabled. As an alternative to this option, if we see that it doesn’t work or the progress is slow, we will ask all participants to take a on holiday        between one match and another. In the pre-match you have time to set your team.
  • OFFLINE TIMEFRAMES: once the championship and cup finals are over, it will go OFFLINE until July 1st.  Another 14 days will be "skipped" between the second half of July and early August (with prior notice from the managers).
  • For scouting, tactics, staff and other things that take a long time, you will be given the chance to leave the server on or throughout the day.  Just ask the manager to switch on the server at appropriate times.
  • The initial championships will be the following: SERIE A, BUNDESLIGA and PREMIER LEAGUE. Only the teams that do not participate in the European editions will be chosen in order to make the tournament more balanced.  A PDF will be made with the teams available to start your career.  The same file will be updated season by season to allow the entry of new participants.
  • For the choice of teams the preferences of each participant is allowed.  In case the preference of more players falls on the same team, a draw will be carried out through a website (on random settings).
  • During the transfer market it is possible to deal with teams managed by fellow players with all the settings allowed in the game, but always agree before making an offer.  For 0-parameter players of non-AI teams, a request must be made to the coach.  It can also be offered to any player who pops up on the transfer list or loan list even for teams managed by humans.  If rules are broken there will be a first warning and after the second time a penalty of -3 points is carried out.
  • For players of AI teams players there aren’t transfer limits and rules. Multiple human teams can make the offer for the same player.
  • If a participant wants to change teams, he can do it during the season by notifying the hosts. In this case he will get a penalty of -5 points and will be able to choose a team from those available with "game value" equal to or lower than the one he previously coached (keeping the same starter seasonal bonus). If he waits for the end of the season, he can choose a new team from those available (while remaining the malus of -5 points).
  • A coach sacked receives a malus of -5 points and can resume the same team, or another available with a "play value" equal to or lower than the one he previously coached (keeping the same starter seasonal bonus). If he waits for the end of the season, he can choose a new team from those available (while remaining the penalty of -5 points).
  • Proposals for new work assignments must always be rejected.
  • In case of relegation, the team is lost with a malus of -5 points (not cumulative with the “sacked penalty”, so it remains -5).
A ranking will be calculated at each season finale taking into account:
  • Pre-season fee.  It starts with a score settled by the chosen team.  Each team belongs to a different range-bonus hinging on their share of the title
  • Last position in the standings
  • Annual salary expenditure (calculated at the end of the season)
  • Trophies obtained in your country or in Europe
  • Additional bonuses obtained at the end of the season from various awards and prizes (top scorer, best player, best coach ...) 
  • Malus foreseen
The player who does not take part in the game throughout the championship by having the deputy
manage the team will have the seasonal bonuses acquired reset.
The score of each ranking will be added season by season giving life to the overall ranking.
To get an idea of how to calculate the ranking down on this website, you can download the bonus / malus (good/bad) table in addition to the guidelines.
For any doubt, just contact the host.


Bonus/Malus table